Evixar Releases Development Story and User Report on "HELLO! MOVIE"(2023-08-17)

Evixar has released the following development story and user report on “HELLO! MOVIE”.
We hope you will experience the joy of watching a movie at the same time in a movie theater, and the story of the development of “HELLO! MOVIE”, which was brought to the world through a combination of various encounters and challenges.

“HELLO! MOVIE” is the only accessibility service available in Japan and has been widely adopted and used by the movie goers who are hearing and visually impaired.

HELLO! MOVIE Development Story – “Early adopters were handicapped people. What is the world of Evixar, the development company of “HELLO! MOVIE”, trying to create with its own technology?”

HELLO! MOVIE User Report – “If a visually impaired person watches horror movies?”

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