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The Solution Partner, Expert in the Acoustic.

Atsushi TAKIGAWA – President, Evixar Inc.

President Atsushi TAKIGAWA
We Evixar provide the network-related technology of realizing a convenience and an easy-to-use function, and a high level of security simultaneously. Furthermore, we are also the engineer groups who work in research and development in the acoustic engineering field.

We provide an Automatic Content Recognition technology “Evixar ACR” that identifies and analyzes sound content.
It offers ACR technology and systems are provided in a software development kit form that provides access to a library of software that helps the users to develop content recognition applications and utilities. Our technology is applied second screen services, interactive TV systems, broadcast monitoring, subtitle casting, audience measurement, copyright filtering.

And we provide an Acoustic Communication solution “Another Track(R)” that is acoustic communication technology making use of “watermark” audio signals in a frequency range inaudible to the human ear. Emanating from speakers in stadiums, theaters and other such venues, these signals are recognized by smart devices, such as smartphones or wearables. They control the output of the multi-language text or AR display on the devices, timed to the progress of the play or other event taking place in the venue.
The text or AR display occurs within 0.1 seconds, enabling real-time distribution in theaters or other live venues. Since data can be delivered even in an environment lacking electric waves, or to devices in airplane mode, and without the need for special audio equipment, the technology is readily implemented in theaters.

3 min version 100 sec version

We aim to benefit a wide range of users can make use of our technology which benefit only to a limited number of people by pursuing convenience and an easy-to-use function.
Our goal is to provide technology and a solution which can build ties among people and link people with resources in an effective and flexibly.

( as of September 30, 2019 )

Company Name Evixar Inc.
Capital 427,000,000 yen ( including Capital Reserve 183,500,000 yen )
Board Members
Hisaharu SUZUKI, Ph.D.
External Director
Masaki ITO
External Corporate Auditor
Yoshihito OZAWA
External Corporate Auditor
Establishment March 12, 2004
Headquarter 1F Matsui Bldg., 1-17-22 Shinkawa, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 104-0033, JAPAN
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Tel: +81-3-5542-5855, Fax: +81-3-5542-5856
Employees 20 ( including part-time )
Business R&D and sales of ACR ( Automatic Content Recognition ) technology, such as Audio Fingerprint, Audio Watermark
R&D and sales of Acoustic Communication and Sensing, Bioacoustic Sensing
Application Service Provider ( ASP )
Customized Development, Joint Research ( especially the Art/Acoustic Engineering Field )
– R&D of Acoustic Signal Processing and Acoustic Field Numerical Analysis Software
OEM Services of Core Technology and Element Technology
Development, sales and related services of computer peripheral
Provide various consultancy services relating to the above
Awards The Tokyo Venture Excellent Technology Prize, 2017 Going-Global Innovations Competition by Tokyo Metropolitan Government
The Special Prize, MCPC award 2017 by Mobile Computing Promotion Consortium
The Excellent Technology Prize, The New Excellent Technology and Product Award 2017 by The Resona Foundation For Small And Medium Enterprise Promotion
IAC Award 2015, Great Works Tokyo Wins 2015 Best Advertising Interactive Application Internet Advertising Award
Yahoo!JAPAN Internet Creative Award 2014, Smart Device App Division GOLD

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